Cotton Crepe Compression Bandage

Cotton Fibres

100% cotton fabric, uniform compression with durable and firm support highly comfortable. No rubber thread used.


Non slippery in texture, adhere for long time on lymph.

Extremely Durable:
Regains its elasticity even after several washes.


Support bandage in Sprains & Strains, Lymphatic disorders, Skin Grafting

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Sizes Total Qty in Outer
5 cm x4.0 m 180
8 cm x4.0 m 120
10 cm x4.0 m 90
15 cm x4.0 m 60

Comfortable to wear

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10 cm x 4.0 m, 15 cm x 4.0 m, 5 cm x 4.0 m, 8 cm x 4.0 m


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