• Adhesive Eye Pad





     Acrylic based Hypoallergenic adhesive used which is latex free


    Unique non-adherent absorbent pad coated with polyethylene mesh won’t stick to eye


    Eye injury care

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  • Cannula fixator I.V Dressing


    • Fixes without contaminating the infusion site
    • Fixes the cannula, prevents pain
    • Prevents infusion related phlebitis, available with securing tape
    • No traces of adhesive after removal
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  • Cotton Crepe Compression Bandage

    Cotton Fibres

    100% cotton fabric, uniform compression with durable and firm support highly comfortable. No rubber thread used.


    Non slippery in texture, adhere for long time on lymph.

    Extremely Durable:
    Regains its elasticity even after several washes.


    Support bandage in Sprains & Strains, Lymphatic disorders, Skin Grafting

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  • Elastic Adhesive Bandage


    Uniform Porosity
    Minimum chances of skin maceration

    Hypo Allergenic Adhesives Mass
    Excellent adhesion & normal ventilation to skin

    Skin Friendly Bandage
    Backing material with matt viscose & twisted cotton yarn & fast edges

    Special Transparent
    Ensures easy unwinding & usage to the last inch.


    Leaves no traces of adhesive on the skin after removal

    Better Elasticity
    -100% higher stretchability
    -Provides required compression & support
    -Greater mobility & comfort without rigidity
    -Improves wound approximation


    All post operative dressing, used for compression & support of muscles & Joints, angioplasty


    Flesh & White Colour

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  • Hypoallergenic & latex free Surgical Paper Tape


    • Hypoallergenic and 100% latex free
    • White, lightweight, non-woven paper tape
    • Porous, allowing skin to breath


    Medpore surgical tapes are highly suitable for long term gauze, other dressing fixation, for securing intravenous needles, electrodes and tubings & other deviceson skin.

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  • Laparotomy Sponge


    • Made of 100% cotton Gauze Fabric
    • Bleaching done by using Hydrogen peroxide and de-mineralized water
    • All four edges are sealed to prevent lint residue
    • Available with or without X-ray detectable thread (X ray thread is heat sealed or woven into fabric)
    • Tape stitched at the corner
    • Also available in double wrap pack

    In OT to absorb Blood

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  • Non-Woven Cohesive Moderate Compression Bandage


    • Cohesive in both sides, adheres only to itself, not to dressing, skin or clothes.
    • Head tear able material no need for scissors for cutting. Non-slippery in texture
    • Provides sustained & reliable compression upto 23mmHG


    Treatment of Sprains & Strains, CVI, DVT, Varicose veins & Venous leg ulcers, Overwrap for splints, for securing dressings

    Available in different colours

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  • Sterile Combine Dressing Pad


    • Combine dressing of cotton pad with absorbent overwrap of non-woven material
    • Individually packed in temper proof wraps
    • Sterilized by Gamma irradiation/ETO


    Used where high absorbency is required to manage heavy exudates, wound dressing

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  • Sterile Gauze Swabs E.P


    • Made of 100% cotton Gauze Fabric
    • Conform to EP -17 Standards
    • All Swabs are with folded edges (America Fold), therefore no loose threads
    • Available with or without X-ray detectable thread
    • Bleaching done by using Hydrogen peroxide and de-mineralized water


    In OT to absorb Blood, Wound Dressings

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